Wednesday, October 31, 2007

satisfying the nomad in me - MOVING!

Yes, I've finally decided. I'm moving. As usual. I can never stick to one blog for long. Oh, how I wish I could. But after awhile I just get so very frustrated with something or other and I just need to start over again with a clean slate.

And just when I got it good too, eh? I've been getting so many hits to my site but I also feel bad that some of the hits come from people looking for an actual Cupcakes and Muffins website. Hahaha.

I have a few posts up already. That was in between deciding whether to move or not. Basically testing the waters and seeing if I could like it. I decided that I did.

Do update your links, your bookmarks, your RSS. I'm moving to:!

I'm so sorry, CnM. There are so many good memories here. Sigh.

Monday, October 29, 2007

guy scares little girl - see how she gets him back!

A guy scares a little girl and offers her a chance to scare him back.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

i found a hero's youtube account

Serious! Adrian Pasdar (plays Nathan Petrelli in Heroes) has a YouTube account.

Although most of his videos are only a minute or less.. it is really interesting to see a lot of the Heroes cast not being actors on the show. I love the way he shoots the videos and especially his use of the background music.

If it had been any other guy out there, his videos might've not been so great, I guess. But then again, he's got good editing skills as well as the talents of so many other actors at his disposal.

He doesn't have pay them for being in his videos either! Hahahaha. I'll share some of my favourites!

In the order of oldest to latest:

Video #1: Grunny TEARS IT UP!!!
Starring Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman, the mind reading police officer. It's just TOO CUTE.

Video #2: Forbidden Fruit
Starring Sendhil Ramamurthy who plays Mohinder Suresh. One seriously intense video. Will he eat it? Oh, the suspense!!

Video #3: Grunny Goes Nuts!
Starring Greg again. Going mad in the labs. Oh, and you will finally get to see a little bit of Adrian in this one too.

Video #4: Wipeout
Kristen Bell, one of the new heroes is in this one. She is amazingly hyper in about EVERY video that he took with her in it.

Video #5: Pit Stop
I find this one incredibly funny. The description Adrian had put for this video was:
"Wasn't sure what day it was. Called Milo. He always knows."

Video #6: Emmy Night
As the title implies, it was Emmy night. Again, Kristen Bell being overly hyper. She's really got some dance moves there. Hahaha!

Video #7: MaSi
Masi Oka, otherwise known as YATA man, YATA dude, or that guy who plays Hiro Nakamura, the one with the coolest power (in my opinion) - teleportation and time travel - getting stabbed in the eye by the make up lady. Aww. Poor Hiro!

Hayden Panettiere, the cheerleader who has the power to heal herself sort of in an immortal kind of way, or Claire Bennet, is just too cute.

Note to self: Must use the word "some" with caution.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

calling all creative, smart, gorgeous, beautiful, caring, loving people, and in other words.. YOU!

I feel like making a new blog. You know me.. after awhile I just need to start afresh, anew again. I've already decided on a template too. Haha. Just that I have not decided on the new blog name/address. I will still be sticking to using Blogger. I'm practically married to Blogger by now. Been using them for over 5 years now. Hahahaha! Goodluck tracking my old blogs. I actually deleted some of my old ones. I was so stupid to do that. Urgh. So sad. Don't think about it.

I've figured out two names.

  1. Burgers for Breakfast
  2. Goddess Next Door
But I'm horrid at coming up with blog names/addresses. (Refer to above) So.. can some of you really creative, beautiful, gorgeous people give me a hand? You know what I need. Suggestions for blog names/addresses.

For example, if Burgers for Breakfast is going to be my new blog name, the address would translate to and Goddess Next Door would be

Things about me that might help?
  1. Audiophile.
  2. Cannot live without music.
  3. Perfectionist.
  4. Lazy.
  5. Fussy eater.
  6. Can't stand being stuck at home all day.
  7. Loves adventures!
  8. Easygoing.
  9. In love.
  10. Loves music? Hehe.
  11. Loves art. Be it dance, paintings, nature, sculptures, clothes & fashion, homes, food, cars, science.
  12. Quite geeky.
  13. Finds geeky guys adorable.
  14. 160 cm tall.
  15. Blind as a bat.
  16. Seriously hates lizards. Ew.
  17. Loves musicals. Duh.
  18. Loves losing herself in books.
  19. Enjoys making others laugh.
  20. My name is Kimberley. Some people call me Ann. I have another name too - Marie. But usually people call me Kim.
Maybe you would like some sort of reward for your trouble but I am but a poor girl with nothing to offer although I could probably afford to give away a huge Spiderman poster. It's probably 1.5m x 1m. Hehe. Want it? Hahaha. I could probably throw in a small can of Polyurethane Stained Varnish + brush. New! Hahaha!

Please comment regardless! :P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

been going to brunei three weeks in a row

I'm cleaning up my room now - yay!

Queen of procrastinating!! SIGH!

I got the hiccups four bloody times today! Maybe something's wrong with me. It was all really funny though. I got it first in church. So totally embarrassing!! My hiccups are always embarrassingly loud, for one. When I started having them, people kept turning around to see what was making that awful noise! Hahahaha. ME!! Then I was still having it when I went up to receive holy communion. Hahahahahaha!! Bodoh!! Then in the middle of saying prayers.. very loudly, I will go HIC!! making my cousins all laugh. Then in the middle of giggling I will HICCUP!! and there we go all over again. Vicious cycle!

My cousin said, "Cis. People so concentrated on praying already and then suddenly cannot think! It's like.. ring ring... ring ring... ring ring... I'm sorry. Your call has been disconnected. Please try again later. No time even for the other person to pick up!"

Second time during breakfast. Eeeps. Thank goodness Yakin is a very noisy place! Third time when I was in the car on the way to Supa Save (Yes, I went to Brunei, again.) and the boys laughed at me. Evil beings they certainly are! And the fourth was just not too long ago. My dad says if I get the hiccups a lot, it might mean that there's something wrong with my diaphragm. He says I should go see a doctor. Grr.

Anyways, the reason why I went up to Brunei today was because Iqbal invited me for lunch at Escapade, tempting me with tales about the 100 dollar sushi boat filled with every single sushi that they served at that restaurant.

Went up with.. Iqbal, Mark, Alywin, Roger, John, and Kelvin. Didn't hear a peep out of Kelvin at all. First time meeting him and all. Maybe he didn't know anyone else there at all? First, pictures of people that were there! Except for one guy - Roger. Didn't have any good pictures of him.

do the locomotion
Iqbal (the one who invited me) dunno talking about what. So I made it up.

behold mighty sony
I think they might've been trying to take some picture. Guy in green is Kelvin and guy in grey is John. Hehehehe. No need to see their faces la.. cos I dunno them very well so don't want to post their pics up.

weird faces
Left is Alywin. Right is again, Iqbal. So funny I accidentally caught them making the same kind of face when I snapped them.

lovey dovey couple
The lovey dovey couple, Mark and Kim. Yuck.

50 dollars
We ordered the party set. Sushi and sashimi - 50 dollars.

10 cents
The aftermath! You can always count on boys to finish. Hehe.

mark is too happy
Mark acting all happy now that his belly is full.

kim at escapade
After I was done eating. But I admit I didn't eat much. Cos I had quite a number of dim sum from breakfast. Not done digesting! But I did enjoy the food.

camwhore spotted in the vicinity
I wonder who this was.

After Escapade, we dropped by Seria Plaza to tapau some Jollibee for some friends back home. Then went window shopping for a videocam, shoes, and sunglasses. Then went to have some ice-cream at Dairy Queen. I can't believe those boys managed to finish a Regular sized blizzard!

Then we went to Super Save - I bought lamb cutlets, steak, and mushrooms. Haha. Doing my mother's bidding. Then Mark and I had kebabs. Non-stop eating, ok! I can't resist good food!!

drive back
On the drive back. From my point of view.

Teruk. I was playing around trying to take a picture of me with him sleeping - turns out he was pretending!

The hot afternoon sun - 5.13pm

And lastly! An excerpt from a chat I was having with my cousin. After showing him pictures of food from lunch!! Muahahaha..

chat excerpt

PS. I ended up blogging instead of cleaning my room. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

kota kinabalu trip slideshow

Kota Kinabalu.. In a nutshell.

I haven't blogged completely about my KK trip and I don't think I will. So I made a slideshow (using Windows Movie Maker *sad*) using the pictures we all took. I got tired of waiting for the videos that we took using Hazman's video cam to be sent to us. I made this slideshow actually weeks ago. And only just last week on Thursday did I get the videos that were actually supposed to have been sent to us four months ago. Hmph.

Day 1 - Here.

Day 2 - Hazman brought Wani and I to the Heritage Village. Wiena wasn't with us cos she stayed at a hotel the previous night. Went to the village in the morning. The most interesting there was the lamparan which was very very cool. It was a feature in the Murut House, if I'm not mistaken. The lamparan is like an indoor trampoline. The Murut House is like a long house, but in the middle of the common area, there is a trampoline built into the floor. Their trampoline is made out of ratan and bamboo. What the Murut people do is that they have a special occasion where the men and ladies of the house jump on the lamparan and try as hard as they can to reach something that they would hang from the rafters of the house - like a pinata. It's pretty cool cos you can jump really high on that thing. Sweet. I walked out of that house planning my future house around having a lamparan in it as well.

That night we planned to have a BBQ. The BBQ which was supposed to have started at 5pm, only started at 10pm. Can you imagine?? Everyone planned to meet up by 5pm by the beach. Hazman, Wani and I decided to drop by a bit late because we won't be the ones bringing anything important. And also since Hazman said it's alright cos we were still at the Heritage Village. BUT. We ended up being the first people there. We were ready by 6pm! The other guys all decided to come only at 9pm. And the cooking only started at 10pm. The eating at 11pm. These bunch of guys are really the worst at being on time. Four hours late, ok!! (I don't advise any of you girls to date these guys) By the end of the night, I probably only had two chicken wings because I was starving but it took so long for them to cook the food, plus - it rained on us. Also, they cooked so little on their first batch that we had to wait again for the second batch to be done. Pfft.

Day 3 - This cast includes: Hazman, Wani, Wiena, Halim, and I. Today we drove up to Kundasang - which is someplace high enough for you to touch the clouds. Dropped by a little restaurant on our way up - we were the only patrons there. The weather was cool. Dropped by a golf course (starting with Wani and her red umbrella). Wow. I can't imagine people driving up there just to play golf. No wait.. Actually, I can. Golf fanatics can be quite crazy. Then we visited the Mersilau Resort (starting with Halim and his camera). It was a really nice place. It was gorgeous. Maybe one of you guys can try going there someday. I like the string of pictures where we were all laughing at something. Maybe Wiena cos she's the only one not laughing.

Btw, we ran into some car trouble on the way up where there was smoke coming from the tyres and we had to remain calm and smell the smell of burning rubber for days after. It was scary and I was really worried. We were almost in the middle of nowhere. But we survived - hurrah.

We dropped by a nursery on our way down to look at flowers. Wow. We sound so old! Looking at flowers?? Hahahahaha!

Then we went to another touristy place (starting with Hazman and I sitting together). I forgot what that place was but we stopped by there to get a drink. By then, most of us had hands turning white - especially me. But it was only cos I went to use the bathroom and washed my hands - the horror!! Hahaha. They didn't have warm water and the cold water was freezing. Plus, the fact that it was raining on and off didn't help. Isn't Halim so very cute posing like a cute little chinese girl with the peace signs? Bluek! Hahahahaha.

We also stopped the car by the road on our way back to look at the clouds (starting with Hazman sort of looking at his car door). They were so near it was so cool. One of the most memorable moments:

Wiena: Oh, so nice!! Cannot see anything!! (referring to the clouds all around us)
Me: *very sarcastically* Oh, so nice... cannot see anything...
Everyone: Hahahahahahaha..
Hazman: Good one, Kim!

Hahaha. Poor Wiena!! I didn't mean to mock her though. That's just how I am. That was like a reflex with me. Later that night, we went to the Colourball the pool parlour we went to one our first night (starting sidewalk with turtles). Very cute turtles, btw. Of course we played pool, just that I didn't include any picture of us doing that tonight. And that last picture of day 3 is of Hazman and Awang - our two lovebirds. Hahahahahaa!!

They're straight. Just very good friends. They're such good friends that they sit and hug and act all gay in public. Ew. These people are very weird. It's not only these two but it's almost all of them. They all like to act gay with one another. Throughout my entire trip there it was almost like watching some soap opera with all the love triangles that exist between these guys. But it was hilarious anyway. Hahahaha!

Day 4 - Yay! We finally went island hopping!! We almost didn't make it because of those boys. *rolls eyes* Want to do this and do that but always tak jadi because why? Because they're so bad at planning and they're always late. This was our second last day in KK and we were already leaving tomorrow afternoon so it was great that we managed to go. All thanks to Wani, who forced Awang to bring us! Yay, Wani!! Cast and crew for this segment: Me, Sanjit, Awang, Halim, Wiena, and Wani.

The harbour was scary! Even before we parked the car, there were people trying to pull us into going to the islands with them. All of them were competing for our money. But it was really distressing. One guy actually ran after our car to be the first to us. Lucky Hazman was there. Sigh. If not, us three girls.. dunno how la. Anyway, I didn't like that experience.

We went to three islands: Sapi Island, Mamutik Island, and Manukan Island. I'm impressed with my own memory. Hahahahaha!! The ride was fun, the wind in your hair, and the sea spray all around you. Hahaha. But the boat was scary. The floor seemed very fragile and soft. Everytime we hit a wave, the floors on our boat would compress upward. OMG. By the time we reached Sapi, my hair was soaking wet and I looked awful. Haha.

At Sapi we went on the trail. Apalah.. who the heck goes to the island and does tracking?? Hahahaha. We didn't expect the trail to be so long but for me it was fun!! I know some people didn't like it though. *cough* Wiena *cough* We saw a huge hermit crab. Call us suckers. We wasted quite some time on the trail. There's a funny picture of both Wani and I camwhoring in the middle of the forest though. Hahaha. At the end of the trail, we were so relieved. There were also these huge ass monitor lizards near the end of the trail. And I alsolutely despise lizards!!!! And these guys were huge... so disgusting. Yuck. I couldn't stand it. The rest of them were all taking videos and pictures of it - I ran away. :( Poor Awang. He got this huge splinter in his toe. Our resident doctor took care of that (Sanjit). We all went into the sea - yay. Everyone ended up going into the sea. Haha! Dunno why they all said that they didn't want to at first. So I went lah by myself and everyone ended up joining me. Yay me. After that, we left to Mamutik.

At Mamutik (starting at: omigosh it's back) I got pretty sick and had to use the toilet. The toilet was MY GOODNESS FUCKING AWFUL MOST DISGUSTING PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO EVER.
There was SHIT EVERYWHERE!! Gross awful to the max. Shit on the floor, on the bowl, on the FUCKING WALLS. The sink. Like, WTF WTF WTF. But I was desperate and had to bear with it. I surprised myself by being able to tahan my vomit!!!!! Anyway, all we did at Mamutik was have lunch. Then we left again. There's nothing much at this island.

Manukan (starting with the pier) was nice with the sand and all. But I didn't swim much here. I couldn't. All the rocks and coral beneath my feet and everywhere was crazy. It hurt me soooo much I ended up giving up and leaving Wani, Wiena, and Halim to their play and joining Awang and Sanjit in the sand. The nutcases - Awang and Sanjit - were playing race cars in the sand. Pretending to drive cars, turn corners, slamming on the accelerator/brake, and making drifting noises. Strange people.

Soon, Wiena, Wani, and Halim joined us. So we all played sand together!! And we built a really special sandcastle. Hahahhahaa. So stupid. A lot of people were going by watching us. One malay lady commented, "Wah.. these kids are really having fun ah..." and there was this one guy who picked up two little fruits(?) and handed it to us saying that we should use them as nipples. So we did. Hahaha. It wasn't long after that that we had to leave though. How sad. It felt like such a short time that we spent at the islands. Next time, we'll do better!!

And that night, well.. look under Friday, 29th June 2007. Aww. They were so sweet!!

Day 5 - We came home the previous night at 3am and slept at 4am. Actually, we've been doing that everynight we've been in KK. Wiena says that I was drunk this night cos I kept talking and laughing to myself. I swear I wasn't!! I was just checking off my list of things to pack. Hahahaha. And laughing at myself for it didn't take long for me to pack. Maybe only 10 minutes. I was amazed at myself at the time. But I guess I might have been a little bit drunk lah. Cos I kept falling over myself. Oh yes, maybe that's why I was laughing too. Hahaha! I kept trying to sit on the floor but kept on falling on my back. Stupid me. Anyway, had the best sleep that night. Lol. Knocked out cold as soon as I was lying vertically on the bed. Hahaha.

Woke up early that morning again to get ready. I was the only one in the house who kept waking up first. And really early. Leaving me with nothing to do sometimes. Funny right? We all slept only at 4am but I always got up at 7-8am. Nuts.

Another funny thing that happened on this trip was that the night before we were gonna fly to KK, Wani called me to tell me to pack band-aids because she had run out. I've never packed band-aids or a first aid kit with me when I travel (bad Kimmy!). I didn't expect that we would actually be using them but I packed them anyway. What's funny was that every single day that we were in KK, at least one new person got a cut or something that required my band-aids. Hahaha. So funny, ok! Yes, people getting hurt is hilarious. Haha.

And that was it.

The End. :)